The Voyage of the Swan
Rhonda and I decided to buy a small sailboat and go ocean cruising, so we set out to look for the perfect blue water cruiser.
After a lot of research into designs of blue water cruising sailboats, we decided on the Pacific Seacraft 34, a proven offshore cruising yacht designed by Bill Crealock. Then, we sold our house and pretty much everything else of value and went looking for one.
Once we found and purchased the Swan, we spent eight months outfitting her for crossing oceans. This included new sails, rigging, anchors, self-steering, solar panels and a lot of other gear and modifications that would make voyaging safer and more practical. Then, we sailed from San Diego, California, direct for the Marquesas in the South Pacific, the first stop on our cruise.
We built this website so our friends and relatives could share in our adventures. We hope everyone enjoys our pictures, videos and story.
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Rhonda Mancini
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