The Voyage of the Swan
Selection and Purchase
We scoured the Internet for a Pacific Seacraft 34 that would fit our needs and our budget. We were hoping to find one on the West Coast so we wouldn’t have to transit the Panama Canal to get to the Pacific, which is where we wanted to begin our cruising. Also, I grew up in Southern California, so I knew my way around there and outfitting would be easier.
Finally, we found a prospect in San Diego. We contacted Jay Bernstein at South Coast Yachts and began one of the most pleasant buying experiences we have ever had for a sale of this magnitude. Jay had impeccable credentials and was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. He handled every detail, anticipated every need, and covered every base ahead of time. We would recommend him to anyone without reservation.
The boat was exactly what we were looking for. It was hull number 305 built in 1996. It was sound and seaworthy without a lot of extra gadgets, such as electronics and gear we would not use or want (keep it simple!). John Bowman, an accredited surveyor with many years of experience, did a very thorough survey and the boat checked out nicely with only minor maintenance or cosmetic issues.
Having completed the purchase, we now began the outfitting and preparation for ocean cruising. The Swan was no longer an intangible. It was a yacht we could step aboard.
Jay Bernstein of Southern California Yacht Sales.
Waiting for the travel lift and haulout for survey.
Tense moment. The straps are expertly adjusted.
John Bowman checks out the hull below the waterline.
Jay and Rhonda as we take the boat out for a sea trial.
Sea trial.
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