The Voyage of the Swan
More aftermath of hurricane Odile. This is in La Paz.
And more.
And more. It is really tragic.
This is where we live when not sailing, Marina Palmira. There are two restaurants, a convenience store, a hotel and other businesses here.
The beach at La Paz with dozens of yachts anchored in the background.
Osprey on a masthead. Although interesting, these sea eagles can do a lot of damage to masthead gear and make a mess on deck.
Isla Lobos, north of La Paz. Rhonda took this after kayaking from Caleta Lobos.
Sailing out to Caleta Lobos. The boat still has some stowage remnants left, like the reefing lines that are out of position on the boom.
The view from the anchorage at Caleta Lobos, where we are protected from all but the west. In westerlies, we move over behind the island.
The relief at being back in the water is evident. The land trip was fun, but it is so good to be back in our little home on the sea.
Swan in her new berth at Marina Palmira where we will spend some time putting her back into the Bristol fashion she deserves.
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February 1, 2015 to present – We are back in La Paz, sailing the local area. It still remains one of our favorite cruising grounds.
Between cruising, we will be getting the boat ready to haul out in April and store her while we take a road trip north for about five months. This will be the first time we’ve left the Swan for more than a month in eight years. But it will be good to see friends and family and it needs to be done.
Safely storing a boat in a hurricane area takes extra work. There are also the heat and sunlight to worry about, not to mention bugs and other tropical vermin. We plan to haul and store at Bercovich Marine, a yard with a good reputation.
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“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever”

 — Jacques Cousteau
Dave Mancini
David Mancini
October 10 – We are back! We had a great time in the States. The boat was fine when we returned: no bugs and no mold or mildew. The engine started on the first crank. Of course, it was all due to the preparation we had done. Our checklist, provided mainly from friends who had done it before, was perfect.
First thing we did when we got in the water was to take three days to lie at anchor in one of our favorite coves nearby, Caleta Lobos, which we had to ourselves. It was heaven: clear warm water, beautiful sights. We snorkeled and relaxed. Now we are back in the marina, ready to get the boat shipshape and ready for extended cruising.