The Voyage of the Swan
The Voyages: Fiji
It took us five days to reach Fiji from Tonga. During that time we were becalmed for 22 hours and sailed in very light winds for another whole day after the calm. Suva is a big modern city with a large busy harbor. We were dwarfed by large ships that come and go around us. We provisioned here and prepared for sailing to other parts of Fiji. There are over 300 islands in Fiji.
On September 4, we sailed over night to the western side of Viti Levu. Inside the barrier reef, we entered an area with many smaller reefs and calmer waters. Navigation can be very tricky here. It’s very beautiful with a dry climate very different from anything we’ve seen in the tropics. Importantly, there’s a great boatyard at Vuda Marina.
Driving past Late Island toward Fiji.
A section of Suva’s skyline.
The island of Mololo on the western side of Viti Levu, Fiji. It is very dry here. In Suva it rained nearly every day. Here, it rains very little.
We anchored in front of the Musket Cove Resort on Mololo Lailai island.
Swan on the hard in Fiji. Notice the papaya trees, full of fruit behind the boat. Yummy!
The entrance to Vuda Marina. The restaurant/bar is on the point. Vuda Marina is a hurricane hole and a beautiful facility.
Sunset from the little restaurant on the point at Vuda Marina.
Visiting the Hindu temple near Nadi, Fiji, with our cruising friends, Mike & Cindy (Airwego).
Med-moored at the Vuda Marina. Considered a hurricane hole, the marina is small, round in shape and the entrance is very tight.
We finally get a cockpit sunshade made by Marshall Sails at very reasonable Fiji prices. Can’t believe we did without for so long!
Nearly every Sunday afternoon, the Marina has a band playing on the lawn at the “yacht club”.
Phillippe, with his reindeer cap on at the Christmas dinner. Capable and always at your service, Philippe is a pleasure to be around.
Aggie preparing taro at the marina restaurant.
Cindy & Mike ready Airwego for their passage to New Zealand. It was sad to say goodbye to these good friends.
Airwego leaving for the tempestuous waters of New Zealand.
Vere and the Island Bar are other great reasons to anchor at Musket Cove. Dave sips a Fiji Bitter.
Dear sweet Milican, manager of the store at Vuda Marina. She is a very good friend and we miss her dearly.
Dancing to the band at the Vuda Marina Christmas party.
Anna, another good Fijian friend, holds the pudding she made aboard with Rhonda.
A cane train hauling sugar cane to Lautoka for processing on this narrow gauge railway near Vuda Marina.
A Fijian drum carved out of a hardwood log.
These indian boys sold fresh fruit and vegetables at the Vuda Marina nearly every day.
Taro, a major staple in South Pacific islands. Both the leaves and stalks are used in food preparation.
A street in Lautoka from the bus to Vuda Marina. We rode 15 miles for 25 cents. We could find almost anything in Lautoka.
The big fruit and vegetable market in Lautoka sporting more variety and better prices than any supermarket in the States.
Our friends on Liberty, a Peterson 46, Carl, Yvette, Kyle and Joel. Carl is the inventer of the K.I.S.S SSB tuned radial ground plane.
Our friends Horst and Julia arriving at Vuda Marina in their Island Packet 35. They later circumnavigated.
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